Published On: Mon, Mar 28th, 2016


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Health supplements:

Human health is part food and part exercise which no one can deny. Human health has taken a total change over the decades and what was considered a symptom of affluence is no longer so as fat is actually found out to be a problem which brings in more and more problems to totally ruin human health adversely. This dreadful component has to be fought off the human system by any means possible and retain what is essential to lead a healthy life. The reasons are quite many and varied as far as the sources of fat are concerned. Strict and sustainable lifestyle changes have to be followed and devised so as to regain all the muscles and keep fat at bay so as to achieve a well balanced diet and this is true for not just the regular population but also for the sportsmen and women who have off late become very concerned about their fat composition. Even a single pound of extra fat can reduce speed on the track only to lose the position to a leaner person who by default is faster than a plump one.


The product:

The product under discussion here is called as stanozolol and is a prescription medication that is classifies and the class III medicines. This means that it can be obtained only after producing the prescription from a registered medical practitioner. Since this is a anabolic steroid, this helps in achieving increased muscle bulk and reduce fat in the system and the other aspect of being an anabolic formulation is that it helps in synthesis of protein that are the building blocks of the human body. Many athletes have been using this and have been tested positive for stanozolol on the field. But with a prescription, it can be used not just in the athletic fields but also to treat certain medical conditions in other patients as well.

It builds!

Alongside being an anabolic steroid, this also functions as an androgenic steroid which is just one molecule less than testosterone and gives all the symptoms of using testosterone. The difference being testosterone is naturally produced in the human body and stanozolol is a synthetic remedy. This, as the name suggests builds muscles and builds in a very fast pace. Since it is androgenic, it can cause the development of masculine features in women such as increase in hair density especially facial hair, muscle build that comes to resemble a man.

Side effects:

    The product has to be taken at the right dosage level which would keep all the side effects at bay. But any difference on the higher side of the dosage level would bring in several side effects such as facial hair, acne prone skin, it can have certain effects on the mental health of the person as well and symptoms such as impaired judgement, bipolar symptoms, feeling of invincibility, delusions, aggression, and many more of such mental conditions. Hence if you have a problem that you are suffering from with emotional side of your personality, it would be advisable to take it with a counselling from a physician.

Vascular system:

The side effects aside, there are many benefits which can be obtained by using the product such as a total revamping of the vascular system in which new vascularisation takes place and the circulation of blood takes place at a better rate, this would indirectly help to carry more oxygen into all the different tissues. As for those tested positive for stanozolol, there are some suggestions they have to follow in consultation with the doctor.


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