How to write a humorous essay

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Writing essays helps you present an idea through an organized set of paragraphs. Incorporate humor into an essay can be tricky if you ever tried to combine expository writing with humorous observations or ideas. While some believe that people are born being funny, Mary Emma Allen of Humor Writers suggests that everyone has the ability to write humorous pieces once you learn to recognize the humor in situations. So, if you have a funny perspective on a topic, you might want to consider writing a humorous essay.



Determines the basic idea of ​​your essay, leaving aside the humor. You’ll want to determine the thesis of the essay or the purpose of the test before worrying about incorporating humor in the piece.

Think of funny moments you have lived or ideas you have developed during your life that you can use in the assay. For example, if you write about the death of good television, think of specific scenes from TV shows that were really stupid or trivial.

As you type, combined with observations made. As the humorous writer Sarah Smiley suggests, surprise your readers with specific details that people usually do not notice. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld has often made the audience laugh by presenting very mundane situations and turn them into something ridiculously irritating or annoying.

Use rhythm of comedy in your essay. Sarah Smiley suggests the method of surprise; making information and add something to catch the reader off guard. You need to develop a rhythm throughout the written piece. As shown in the above test in the Resources section, rhythm is everything. The writer of that piece, Hugh Gallagher wrote an admissions essay to get into NYU. In his essay thousand things he had done in his life that obviously were not true, and after several full paragraphs of hyperbolic prayers are detailed essay concludes with a prayer: “But we still have not gone to college.” That pace of comedy in that trial work and is an excellent example of how to capture the readers attention and make them laugh.

Exaggerate your opinions and comments. For example, you could say that “Television has become boring,” but the prayer itself is pretty boring. Instead you could say, “For me, watching TV is like watching my beloved granny burning alive at the stake. Very painful to watch, but too creepy to not miss.”

Une all in the final paragraph. The conclusion should restate your idea and tie up loose ends. End your essay with a bang; write a humorous concluding sentence that generates the reader a last laugh, with fortune long.