Published On: Mon, Apr 13th, 2015

Ideas for Painting Your Home

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If you wish to make your house a center of attraction, you should give it a fresh coating because painting can give a new look to your home. You can even transform your old home with a fresh coating and make it look new.

Ideas for Painting Your Home

A house without painting looks shabby and unattractive, but home painting can transform and add beauty and durability to your house. The exterior wall coating can change the exterior look of your home and protect it from blistering, chalking, peeling and other harsh weather related hazards. Reflective paints on the roofs can even make rooms and halls under the roofs cooler because these reflective coatings can reflect direct sun lights and prevent roofs from getting hot.

The interior coating is also equally important in your home painting. With the right paint choice, you can turn the complete outlook of interior walls, rooms, bedrooms, ceilings, living rooms, bathrooms, floors, and dining areas. In addition, coatings can also increase the durability of your walls, hide defects, and make it more beautiful and inviting. Colors also have Physiological effects on persons living in the house. Paints can influence your moods, emotions, and minds, and affect your physical and mental state. Few warm colors like red can increase your heart rate or increase your anger and passion. Similiarly, cool colors like blue, green, pink, white and others can give you the comfort, sadness, and calmness.

Another important influence of color is its quality of providing an optical illusion to a person. If you coat light colors on a narrow space or small room, it will look large and broad, but the same area will look small if you paint with dark colors. Therefore, it is always advisable that you should put light colors on small rooms, living rooms, and narrow spaces to give the illusion of large and broad space. In addition, you should also keep in mind that dark coatings can hide cuts, peeling, and cracks on the surfaces, but same damages are more distinct and visible on light colors. You can also put dark shades on kitchen cabinets and other areas where such defects are more visible and common.

You should also be careful in choosing colors for your furniture and floors because matching or contrast coatings on your walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, doors, and windows can give your interior a pleasant look.

Another significant aspect of house painting is buying colors that are manufactured and supplied by reputed manufacturers like Singapore Paint Company and others because these companies ensure that paints manufactured by them meet the quality standards. In addition, these suppliers also offer a broad range of colors and related products and such wide varieties can make your job easier for selecting right colors for different spaces of your home. You will also save money and time because you can find all your requirements in one place.

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