Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2015

Mistakes to Avoid in the Shower

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If showering is part of your daily ritual each day, you’ll want to take care not to commit some of the mistakes that many people make in the shower. Even though it seems like a pretty simple activity to complete, you can make some crucial mistakes that harm your skin and cause problems that you never expected. It’s important to have the right type of showering equipment, good water pressure, and some common sense tips when you enter the bathroom each day to shower. Let’s take a look at which mistakes to avoid in the shower so that you’ll be clean, happy and healthy, and without the need for medical treatment that can be costly and time-consuming.


  1. Taking a hot shower that feels so good on your skin each day for an extended period of time can do a lot of damage to your skin. Besides removing some of the natural oils that help to fight eczema and acne, your skin will become dry and irritated. You should use warm water that’s not too hot and keep your shower time to twenty minutes or less, especially in the winter months. Another good idea is to finish your warm shower with a blast of cool water that will help close your pores and prepare them for moisturizer which should follow.
  2. Try to use a soap or skin gel that leaves your skin hydrated and feeling clean and fresh. If you experience problems you may want to consult a specialist who can provide you with cleansers that are less harsh on your skin but still clean it effectively. It’s important to keep your skin soft and smooth instead of rough and dry which promotes itching and a feeling of discomfort.
  3. Make sure that you rinse the soap from your skin thoroughly before you begin to dry it with a towel. Irritation and dry skin can result from soap or cleansers that are left on your skin after the shower is over.
  4. Your shower should have enough water action to remove the dead cells from the surface of your skin properly. You’ll need good water pressure, a modern showering cabin such as the D shaped shower available on the market today, and enough time to completely rinse using the water as a cleansing tool. In order to take the proper shower for your skin you may want to upgrade the shower that you have in your home to a more modern type that can offer you the tools that you need to take good care of your hair and skin. By visiting the website you’ll be able to find a unit that fits into your bathroom at an affordable price; consider it an investment in your health and well-being.

Having the right shower in your home, following some simple guidelines for proper skin care, and using a moisturiser after showering all combine to make you clean, healthy, and happy at the end of the day. By following these tips, your skin will glow and add a touch of radiance to any room you enter.

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