Published On: Wed, Apr 15th, 2015

Relation Between Weight Loss and Proper Sleep

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People don’t find a direct relation between sleep and losing weight. Due to our busy schedules, we don’t have time to get an adequate amount of sleep, you may be working for a multinational company or running your own business. This happens with a lot of executives who work for multinationals; they need to correspond with a lot of people of different time zones. In order to fulfill this requirement they need to sleep late at night. You cannot take your family responsibilities for granted and have to spare some time for them also. Whatever the reasons are, but you didn’t get dedicated amount of sleep, which your body requires. In the absence of a dedicated amount of sleep, your body works in a negative manner and its performance is also decreased.

Fat Loss Hormones

If you are also concerned about your sagging waist line, then remember that many hormones in our body are affected by the sleep. Leptin and Gherlin hormones are responsible for regulating your appetite. Leptin gives you a feeling of satisfaction after eating, whereas Gherlin is responsible for stimulating your appetite and informs your body about starving. Several researches have shown that in the absence of proper sleep, Leptin levels decreases, leaving you unsatisfied even after a meal. At the same time Gherlin level will increase, this will send signals to our brain and make us feel hungry. False signals will make us eat more, even if we have consumed enough amount of food. The hunger which is triggered by Gherlin will make you eat calorie rich food.


Our bodies repair itself when we are sleeping. A sound sleep will recover our bodies for another workout session. Exercising is considered as the quickest way to lose body weight, but the muscles of your body will not recover unless you take proper sleep. Your muscles will not become stronger and the fat burning effect of your body will reduce. If before going to sleep you are feeling hungry you can take a glass of milk, you can take it at night for better quality sleep.

So in order to enhance the fat burning process of your body, you need to get a good night’s sleep. If you are seriously working in the direction to lose fat, you are supposed to make it sure that your body is burning fat even at rest.

Researches have shown that sleeping between 9 PM to 12 PM is the best time for our brain and body to recover. During this time hormonal secretion is at its peak and decreases as the time passes by. To get a proper sleep, make yourself habitual to sleep at a specific time daily. Once it is time for lights off, then no excuses, no delays simply switch off the light and retire to bed. Within a couple of days you will develop a sleep routine. Sleeping every day at the same time by turning off the lights will program your body accordingly. Milk is also considered good for weight loss, you can take it at night for better quality sleep.

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