Published On: Tue, May 28th, 2013

SBO NEWS shoddy battle for the future ( better) .

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While the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat are the right candidate , the one on the East Coast . Meanwhile, it must take advantage , just prior to the challengers of the West Bank , which could be the San Antonio Spurs or the Oklahoma City Thunder sbobet thai But the team that will win tickets to a playoff veteran basketball . BA (NBA) has a mission to prepare the draft of 2014, to be introspective.

The situation at present mill Autoroute Bucs Statistics Worst , winning 13 , losing 58 games a chance to draft a first-team high NBA Unlike the American League , the NFL ‘s (NFL) team any worse in the season. such Will be entitled immediately draft the first team in the NBA sbobet , but Bucs have not guaranteed the right label ” Number One draft ” put any player at the end of June. Due to the global AIDS awareness campaign brought the system randomly ” plotter Marie draft ” used.

The worse team in the season . The probability of winning the lottery draft team is about 25 percent, or 1 chance in 4, but believe it or not, since the adoption of factored probability was related to the lottery draft sbobet. since 1985, only three teams worse end and draft the first team that was the 1988 Los Angeles Clippers pick Danny Manning , New Jersey Nets select Derrick Coleman . up in 1990, and Orlando Magic ‘s ” Superman” to carry the team in 2004 .

What the risks are uncertain. I would not deny that the team is desperate playoff already. Next target to look to the future. Players from the University predicted that brilliant . Can change a franchise, hoops stuffed up the back of your hand is your hand , it is now the Bucs are losing the race against Philadelphia Philadelphia Sikh Sir seventies . Competitors on the East Coast sbobet by the ” Guangzhou ” setback to eighth straight game while Sikh Sir even then are now also lost a record franchise 22 games to the monitor record worst Cleveland Cavaliers . Lear had been defeated rival 26 games in 2010/ 11 because the game visit the Houston Rockets New Orleans completed the course despite statistics setback 27 games will be recorded in history or the Detroit Pistons is a word. Reply this Sunday

However, it is not surprising that both the Bucs and Sikh Sir ( I ) intentionally , most likely in the lottery draft this year because of the Diane and Andrew Wiggins, who played the good of the university. Kansas enters the franchise fans would forget to put the Lisbon harbor . As the Sikh Sir had Allen Iverson arrived in 1996 when the team statistics awful 2 think Smalley forward to the good people of Canadian sbobet forces with rising star draft . accumulated up each year before the scanner lens Noel (6th, 2013 ) Michael Carter – Williams ( # 11 2013 ), and Peter, and Andrew , Amadeus also ( of 12 years . 2007) season 2014/15 Sikh Sir would play no less dazzling to watch .

Even the Sikh Sir qualify draft first round of 2014 added another ranked Trading and True Holiday to New Orleans, Orleans Pelicans , which if Wiggins slip to the team . also have the option to deposit Bari Parker Smalley forward Duke University sbobet that Julius Randle Senior Power forward of Kentucky, which is quite interesting. By Rising Star Games , these would not be hit by draft in the top 5 for sure .

However, we can not condemn the whole or Sikh Sir Bucs want to play for lost quite. Who ‘d inscribed as a team to defeat throughout the player’s career statistics , especially the NBA . No one that went down to the field to want pie, but the fans may not think so, the game Utah Jazz beat the Orlando Magic fell 89-88 make up the statistics , winning 23 , losing 48 games ranks fourth . But followers of the sbobet Utah to voice acclaim both Daltrey Pittsburgh shooting three points to victory . In view of the deep division not want the team to lose. If a team has , the more chance to draft . Whose future may be better Hmm … I think it was the same.

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